Towing FAQ

Our towing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section will assist you with common towing queires and general information:

How much can my vehicle tow safely?
What should my trailer must have?
How storng should my tow bars and tow couplings be?
What kind of trailer brakes do I need?
What performance requirements do I need for my brakes on light trailers?
What should I do to maintain my trailer?
Loading your vehicle and trailer safely – How much can your vehicle carry?
How do I arrange my loads safely?
How do I securing my load?
How do I use my lashings (webbing straps, ropes and chains) correctly?
Do I need to cover my load?
How do I carry loads inside my vehicle?
What should I do when carry a loaded trailer?
How do I carry a loads on my roof racks?
How should I spreading the load on my roof rack?
What should I do if the load is overhanging on the vehicle or trailer?
How should I carry loads that are powdered or granular solids?
How should I load solid objects in packaging?
How should I carry garden refuse and loose rubbish?
How should I transport cans, cylinders and bottles?
How should I carry logs and posts?
How should I carry large solid sheets?
How should I carry pipes, ducts and hoses?
How should I carry bicycles, machinery, steel, and other metal objects?
How should I carry sawn timber?
How should I carry boats and gliders?
How should I carry recreational equipment?
How should I transport animals?
How should I transport dangerous goods?
How should safely carry passengers?
How should safely overtake another vehicle?
How should I steer when towing a trailer?
How should I brake safely?
How do I avoid swaying (snaking) when carry a trailer?
How do I reverse with a trailer?
How do I park with a trailer?
What checks should I make before and during a trip?
How should I tow a motor vehicle at night?